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Keeping the environment clean is one of the most important things every human should strive to achieve since it provides numerous benefits aesthetically and health wise. Humans however tend to show some magnitude of laziness when it comes to disposing of bins. Yes every human. The modern trend which seems to be the best working solution at the moment in Melbourne is to employ the services of a skip bin hire company. Equally as important as being aware of bin hire in Melbourne is to know what type of skip bins would be most appropriate for your waste size and knowing where to get that cheap skip bin hire.


Skip bins are categorized into different types based on their sizes and usage.

Skip Bags

Skip bags are mostly used indoor and they are the most commonly used method of domestic waste disposal. Skip bags themselves are further disposed into other types of skip bins because they usually cannot hold a lot of waste and cannot regularly be transported to dump site due to their small sizes. They can be a more cost effective alternative when compared to other types of skip bins. Such bags can be used in small areas with no time restraint to its usage.

Mobile Skip Bin

Mobile skip bins as the name implies is one that can be moved from one location to another collecting refuse which will otherwise have been littered. These provide the solution of refuse collection for those locations that are hard to place. These locations include places like offices with underground packing and inside garages. Sometimes skip bins are required to be placed on council properties and the process of getting the required permit for this to happen may take a lot of time, money and energy. The mobile skip bins however saves you from spending your resources on getting such permit as none is required for its operation save for the normal application of parking restrictions. Although mobile skips have restrictions on the waste types they can collect, they offer the advantage of going to the location of the waste instead of the other way round.


These are the most used outdoor skips suitable for both domestic and commercial wastes. They can also be used indoor depending on the size of the building and the location of the wastes, but this is mostly in commercial buildings. Marrels when placed on council property would require permits from the local council authority. Due to their large size they require access clearance of about 2.5m without any low overhanging wires before they can be moved by the truck.

Hook Lift Skip Bins

These are perfect for commercial and industrial waste disposal as well as for large domestic waste disposal. This is so named because of the way the bin is loaded on and off the truck. They have lower sides and are longer in length than the Marrels.


If you own a building or reside in west Melbourne and you need advice on how to size your waste to determine what type of skip bin you need, then you should contact Concorde Skip Bin. At Concorde we combine experience with skills for customers’ maximum satisfaction.