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The best approach to estimate it is by utilizing the rough guide below. Estimating is not simple and we have prepared this little guide to help you decide.
We always consider going one size bigger if you are not certain for 2 reasons:

  • We usually find more to offload than originally thought when we begin a clean-up of any form, the extra space in a bigger bin can always get utilized.
  • Most people underestimate the amount they can dispose of from their place. On a daily basis, we have clients contact us after they have loaded their bin and say, “Can you bring me another one, I have filled this one already.”

The amount you can save by going to the bigger size bin is less than an additional $100. But if you have to request for another bin the smallest can be an additional $300 plus.

Skip bin sizes are always conveyed in cubic meters. The table below represents approximate equivalences of cubic meters to the well-recognized sizes of a wheelie bin and a box trailer.

Skip Size (cubic meters) Equivalent Number of
Standard Trailers
Equivalent Number of
Wheelie Bins
2 Cubic Meters 2 Std Trailers 8 Wheelie Bins
3 Cubic Meters 3 Std Trailers 12 Wheelie Bins
4 Cubic Meters 4 Std Trailers 16 Wheelie Bins
6 Cubic Meters 6 Std Trailers 24 Wheelie Bins
8 Cubic Meters 8 Std Trailers 32 Wheelie Bins