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Common Wastes During Home Renovations And How You Can Dispose Of Them

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Sometimes we come home and we feel like the home looks old to us and we want to move away, sometimes what we really need is redecoration of our home. Research has shown that people switch homes at least once in every seven years. You would agree that moving can be very difficult if you have tried it before. Renovation can help save us a lot of moving stress but it usually comes at a cost. That cost is a whole lot rubbish to be done away with and the head ache of how to do away with them. After reading this post you would feel a lot more confident and prepared when next you are renovating or redecorating.

Types of Wastes

Household Items;

when renovating or redecorating there will of course be household items that you might not need any more or items that may not fit into the new design plan. These items do not necessarily have to be non-functional. They could be old mirrors or old refrigerators and could be treasures to other people. Also there are organizations that would accept such as donations and make optimal use of them.

Building Rubbles;

when you renovation involve breaking of walls to create a larger space for something else just for the sake of making a particular room bigger, having rubbles will be inevitable. Materials like brick, concrete, ceramic floor, wall tiles, pavers, or roof tiles etc. are compulsory wastes that would be produced. One way of disposing of bricks and concrete is to package them separately and not put those in the general skip bins. The laws governing the disposal of concrete and brick are strict and one is not allowed to put other prohibited materials (not even in minute amounts) as well in general skips. These prohibited materials include soil and saw dust.

Green Wastes;

green wastes can result from general clearing of grass, weeding of gardens or total removal of garden to create space during renovations. These wastes include materials like uprooted plants, weed, grass, flowers, branches etc.

Excess Paint;

it is also very often for renovations to involve painting there by resulting in wastes like dry paints, excess paints and off cuts. Since disposing of liquid paints isn’t allowed in skip bins in Melbourne and can attract extra charges when not complied with. How then should one dispose of these? Dried paints can be disposed of easily because it is permitted while liquid paint should be dumped on waste paper – most likely old newspaper – and dried before being disposed into the skip bin. The paint containers should be covered properly with its lid and taped before dumping in the skip bin.

These are few wastes that can be disposed of using the skip bin during renovation or redecoration. Other heavy wastes which may be dumped into the mixed heavy waste skip bin include steel, timber and tree trunks and they have their own rules as to how they should be disposed of so be sure to ask your skip bin hire company in Melbourne.

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