How much does it cost to hire a skip bin in Melbourne?

Cheap Skip Bins Hire Services in Melbourne, Werribee & Geelong

Waste generation is a part of our lifestyles, occurring every single day from all kind of work we involve ourselves into. With regular waste generation in huge abundance, it is but natural to look for ways to dispose it off in a systematic way. Waste accumulation is not at all considered to be healthy, be it for the family or for the society. Environmental pollution too occurs from waste generation. As a result, strewn up garbage should be disposed of in the quickest manner and with effective skip bins in Melbourne, one can finally get rid of the garbage from their vicinity.

Before disposing of the garbage with the help of skip bins, would you like to know how much it costs to hire them.

The cost of hiring skip bins in Melbourne depends on the following factors:

  • The size and type of bins for waste removal matters, depending on the amount of waste generated. The bins are available in various sizes where different types of waste can be disposed. The bigger bins are costlier than the smaller and medium sized bins. For a moderate amount of rubbish, we suggest hiring medium or small bins that are spacious enough to contain limited garbage in a cost-effective manner.
  • The type of waste that is being disposed of also matters while hiring skip bins. Be it mixed waste, dirt, concrete, heavy waste or green waste, our skip bins can easily collect the garbage and dispose of it seamlessly. Soil combined with builder’s waste or contaminated garbage often requires costlier skip bins as accumulating those takes up a lot of time.
  • The skip bins’ costs also depend on the time and distance between the customer’s place and the dumping site and the hire period of time. The fuel costs are generally added to the total cost of hiring the skip bins.

We also offer our customers the provision of hiring skip bins for a specific number of days, depending on the amount of waste disposal and time required to load the waste. Have a look at the pricing plans that we offer to our clients for hiring skip bins for days.

The average cost of hiring a skip bin in Melbourne is generally based on bin size. The easy to load skip bins can be accessed by the customers at any point in time. The waste disposal can be done through the rear hinged doors which can be used readily.

The experts who dispose of the garbage are highly trained and are aware of the latest mechanics involved while getting rid of rubbish. Be it a large bin or a small bin, they assist the customers in handling the waste in a systematic manner and within a short period of time.

Our skip bin services in Melbourne are highly effective and affordable. Contact our customer support now to get a detailed idea about the charges and the availability of the skip bins for your area’s waste.

Concorde Skip Bin Waste Management Services

Cheap Skip Bins Hire Services in Melbourne, Werribee & Geelong

Concorde Skip Bin Hire Services Melbourne believes that environmental sustainability and business have a beautiful future together. Whether it’s recycling, repurposing, reusing, treating or shredding, etc. all of our business practices will ensure your business can look after the planet without it costing the earth any kind of harm. It provides solutions that maintain, optimize and secure the resources essential for our future. Whatever your waste management needs are today, if you need Cheap Skip Hire Melbourne then be confident in our ability to provide whatever additional services you might need in the future.
Still not convinced? Then have a look at our services!

For General Waste

Our general waste bins fill an important part in waste management sector. As more and more of the materials we use on a daily basis are recyclable, the everyday bin has become the last resort but not a final destination. We strongly encourage all of our customers to recycle, however we also realize that it is not always possible to recycle all of the waste your business generates. So, we have different types of Bins and equipment for every desired needs.
It includes Skip Bins, Bulk Bins, Wheelie Bins, Compactors, Steel Bins, Roller Packers, etc. That is where our experience and expertise can help. We will take you through our comprehensive bin and waste stream health check to develop a complete waste management solution that solves all of your general waste and recycling needs.

For Industrial Services

We have so many years of experience helping to keep Australian industry moving. It helps to increase plant efficiency while adhering to strict environmental and OHS requirements. We have our own qualified specialists for this area and our in-house experts who are always there for you when you need them.
It includes Water Blasting, Vacuum Handling, Offshore cleaning, Emergency spills handling, etc.

For Recycling

We work with businesses all over the country to minimize the landfill costs by increasing their recoverable and recyclable waste. We are doing everything we can to make its fulfillment as easy as possible with an ever-growing range of recycling services. It is very important to create Waste and recycling education which helps to create changing behaviors within your business. We can partner with you to deliver educational programs to help you achieve the best results for your company and the environment. It is our ultimate responsibility towards the society.

Our Service areas

So many Cheap Skip Bins Melbourne have but we are operating in most of the areas. So if you are looking Mini Skip Hire prices Melbourne then just make a call and we would be at your destination. We work closely with clients to understand their processes and requirements, so we can provide integrated waste management solutions to effectively reduce total waste, enhance resource recovery and achieve a minimal impact on the environment. Our operating areas are as follows:

Common Wastes During Home Renovations And How You Can Dispose Of Them

Cheap Skip Bins Hire Services in Melbourne, Werribee & Geelong

Sometimes we come home and we feel like the home looks old to us and we want to move away, sometimes what we really need is redecoration of our home. Research has shown that people switch homes at least once in every seven years. You would agree that moving can be very difficult if you have tried it before. Renovation can help save us a lot of moving stress but it usually comes at a cost. That cost is a whole lot rubbish to be done away with and the head ache of how to do away with them. After reading this post you would feel a lot more confident and prepared when next you are renovating or redecorating.

Types of Wastes

Household Items;

when renovating or redecorating there will of course be household items that you might not need any more or items that may not fit into the new design plan. These items do not necessarily have to be non-functional. They could be old mirrors or old refrigerators and could be treasures to other people. Also there are organizations that would accept such as donations and make optimal use of them.

Building Rubbles;

when you renovation involve breaking of walls to create a larger space for something else just for the sake of making a particular room bigger, having rubbles will be inevitable. Materials like brick, concrete, ceramic floor, wall tiles, pavers, or roof tiles etc. are compulsory wastes that would be produced. One way of disposing of bricks and concrete is to package them separately and not put those in the general skip bins. The laws governing the disposal of concrete and brick are strict and one is not allowed to put other prohibited materials (not even in minute amounts) as well in general skips. These prohibited materials include soil and saw dust.

Green Wastes;

green wastes can result from general clearing of grass, weeding of gardens or total removal of garden to create space during renovations. These wastes include materials like uprooted plants, weed, grass, flowers, branches etc.

Excess Paint;

it is also very often for renovations to involve painting there by resulting in wastes like dry paints, excess paints and off cuts. Since disposing of liquid paints isn’t allowed in skip bins in Melbourne and can attract extra charges when not complied with. How then should one dispose of these? Dried paints can be disposed of easily because it is permitted while liquid paint should be dumped on waste paper – most likely old newspaper – and dried before being disposed into the skip bin. The paint containers should be covered properly with its lid and taped before dumping in the skip bin.

These are few wastes that can be disposed of using the skip bin during renovation or redecoration. Other heavy wastes which may be dumped into the mixed heavy waste skip bin include steel, timber and tree trunks and they have their own rules as to how they should be disposed of so be sure to ask your skip bin hire company in Melbourne.

For cheap and reliable skip hire services in Melbourne for your project site, residential home or office, contact Concorde Skip Bins.

How Much Can Hiring Skip Bins Help You And Your Projects?

Cheap Skip Bins Hire Services in Melbourne, Werribee & Geelong

The importance of skip bins has never been and should never be in doubt. This is because humans cannot run away from producing wastes daily. As humans, we can also not shy away from the challenge that proper waste disposal poses to us on a daily basis.

Rubbish accumulates really fast when we procrastinate managing it even for a day longer than we ought to. This fact becomes even more evident when we try to take on small projects and refuse to higher skip bins. This post will reveal reasons why you should eliminate the problem of waste management with skip bin hire in Melbourne and focus on putting the right energy elsewhere more productively.


  • Cheap skip bin hire would help you save plenty.

Here plenty refers to money and time. If you live in the urban areas and decide to do your waste trashing yourself then you would need to pay extra money for transportation or would have to drive a long way from home because dump sites would be sited far from where you live.

In addition to time and money saved you do not have to come near you rubbish dumps (not neglecting the health risks) since skip bin hire comes with people who would do the dirty work of emptying and sorting waste for you. Now your time can be properly invested in that project of yours.

  • Hiring a skip bin keeps you and your environment safe.

If you decide to go and dump your rubbish in the landfill yourself you may not be able to sort your waste properly and put dangerous items where they shouldn’t be thereby risking harming others who come along to do same. In the same vein, there are those who have endangered the landfills so if you try to go and dump your wastes you may step on dangerous sharp waste, big and awkward items or smaller invisible harmful items. Skip hire service companies have professionals who do the job in professional ways. The professionals also make sure that the environment stays clean and safe for people to live in addition to protecting you, waste sorting protects the environment.

  • Are you handling a building project?

Then you should ensure that the working environment is safe for your workers and free from objects that can cause accidents. Booking bins for hire is a good way to get logs of wood, broken glasses, broken blocks and other harmful objects out of the way almost as immediately as they are produced. This makes workflow at the construction site smooth and fast and productivity is improved as a result.

If you have a project that you are handling in Melbourne all you have to do is go online fill in details like the size of bin you may be producing within a said period of time usually at intervals that removal will be done, fill in your address and book a skip bin online.

Relax and focus on concluding that project of yours and let Concorde Skip Bin handle the rest.

Some unbelievable ways you can use your Skip bins

Cheap Skip Bins Hire Services in Melbourne, Werribee & Geelong

A very great option that is now highly patronized in Australia for getting rid of large quantities of rubbish is the use of skip bins. Very good option right? It just involves placing a call to the skip hire Service Company and watch your skip bin delivered to your house.

All you have to do is fill it up with rubbish and then relax again and watch how the man in truck drives away your rubbish. What could be more perfect? But have you thought that maybe there could be more that can be done with your skip bin, maybe something even unimaginable?

Well you do not have to think anymore, there is a lot that can be done with your skip hired. Some of them are listed below and are sure to blow your mind with amazement and of course put a smile on your face. Some of them even those of us in the skip bin business wouldn’t have thought possible. Crazy as they seem they are sure fun!

Here we go…

Is having dinner in a skip bin with your date really a bad idea?

This is probably the most shocking of all the options. You probably are thinking how a lady would agree to eat in a place meant for storing rubbish right? Yes. You would be right to think so because what you do not know is that skip bins make a good enclosed room only with plenty fresh air. Also, you probably don’t know that the skip bin can be as clean as the floors at your five-star restaurants when done properly. Why go through the stress?

You may also ask. Know this, girls love to be blown away by the unexpected and they love intimate dinner arrangements with their man. Think about it this way, the whole of the restaurant belongs to just the two of you sitting at a table. You can literally say that you shut the place down for the both of you. The smiles on her face all through the dinner would tell you that it was worth it.

How about enjoying a pool party?

Everybody loves pool parties, don’t they? If you have a large enough well cleaned and hygienix skip then you have a pool parked in your premises. All that is left is to get the clean skip bin filled with water and have guys or girls who are ready to dip themselves in the pool and maybe have some booze around to up the ante. It could be parked in front or at the back of your house. Such party screams the combination of class and sophistication. The ladies are sure going to talk about it for some time.

Hiding from the Scorned Lady at Home?

There are times when men commit crimes against their female co-habitats such as forgetting to do chores, break a plate or a glass cup, or it could be scattering some things that have been honorably organized by your lady. At such times some men make for the sheds or go out to a friend’s but as you know not everyone has such options and the skip bin might be a satisfactory substitute.

Order your skip bin today from Concorde Skip Bins hire services in Melbourne and testify to the wonders that can be performed with the skip bins.

How useful are Garden Skip Bins?

Cheap Skip Bins Hire Services in Melbourne, Werribee & Geelong

Maintaining a garden requires your time and attention to keep it in top shape. You have to clean up fallen clippings, leaves, and limbs, remove weeds and vines, or mow the lawn. The result is piles and piles of garden rubbish. This is where you need garden skip bins. These skip bins can be quite beneficial in disposing of your green waste efficiently.

You may have heard of garden skip bins, and you possibly may be asking how helpful they are.

Skip bins will make maintenance easier.

Pruning of the garden is a necessity if one wants to have strong plants. In doing this, however, one tends to produce a lot of garden wastes. These wastes such as dead leaves and clippings cannot go into your own compost hence it is important to have a garden skip bin or other skip bins for hire. Having a garden skip bin will not only make you carry out your maintenance with less worry, it will also enhance your curb appeal.

They are cost effective and convenient.

Due to the amount of wastes produced from gardens, some people employ the services of trailers when they need their gardens cleared. This is expensive while others make use of their personal trucks to deliver the wastes to the recycling centers which may be inconvenient. But when you hire skip bins, the hire company will pick them up and deliver them to the recycling centers, all you have to do is fill them up with your wastes.

Skip bins are environmentally friendly.

Having garden skip bins is an eco-friendly means of disposing of green waste. You’ll not only reduce your carbon footprint in the process; you are also guaranteed that your rubbish will be recycled in an efficient and appropriate way. In some places, it is used to help create compost that will go on to be used for agricultural and other purposes such as pot mixes for landscape and other soil nourishment schemes. Moreover, you dispose of your garbage responsibly when you don’t allow these green wastes to just be dumped in the landfills where they will not be re-used.

Accumulation of pests will be prevented.

When gardens are not properly tended to by removal of overgrown plants and garden wastes, a home for insects and pests is indirectly created. Some of these pests may carry diseases that may be transferred to you or your pets. The failure of properly digging a compost pit for your garden wastes can also bring about a high number of insects and pests in your garden. For efficient waste disposal, you could preferably get a skip bin for hire today.

Odor form rotting organic wastes can be prevented.

Garden skip bins are offered in different sizes to cater your waste removal needs. If you hire a skip bin, you prevent the risk of being exposed to a foul odor due to the rotting organic wastes. This is true when you are only using plastic bags or if you made your compost pit incorrectly.

Contact Concorde Skip Bins for skip bin hire today. We are reliable and have skip bins of different sizes that are easy to load and delivered to you promptly.


Cheap Skip Bins Hire Services in Melbourne, Werribee & Geelong

Keeping the environment clean is one of the most important things every human should strive to achieve since it provides numerous benefits aesthetically and health wise. Humans however tend to show some magnitude of laziness when it comes to disposing of bins. Yes every human. The modern trend which seems to be the best working solution at the moment in Melbourne is to employ the services of a skip bin hire company. Equally as important as being aware of bin hire in Melbourne is to know what type of skip bins would be most appropriate for your waste size and knowing where to get that cheap skip bin hire.


Skip bins are categorized into different types based on their sizes and usage.

Skip Bags

Skip bags are mostly used indoor and they are the most commonly used method of domestic waste disposal. Skip bags themselves are further disposed into other types of skip bins because they usually cannot hold a lot of waste and cannot regularly be transported to dump site due to their small sizes. They can be a more cost effective alternative when compared to other types of skip bins. Such bags can be used in small areas with no time restraint to its usage.

Mobile Skip Bin

Mobile skip bins as the name implies is one that can be moved from one location to another collecting refuse which will otherwise have been littered. These provide the solution of refuse collection for those locations that are hard to place. These locations include places like offices with underground packing and inside garages. Sometimes skip bins are required to be placed on council properties and the process of getting the required permit for this to happen may take a lot of time, money and energy. The mobile skip bins however saves you from spending your resources on getting such permit as none is required for its operation save for the normal application of parking restrictions. Although mobile skips have restrictions on the waste types they can collect, they offer the advantage of going to the location of the waste instead of the other way round.


These are the most used outdoor skips suitable for both domestic and commercial wastes. They can also be used indoor depending on the size of the building and the location of the wastes, but this is mostly in commercial buildings. Marrels when placed on council property would require permits from the local council authority. Due to their large size they require access clearance of about 2.5m without any low overhanging wires before they can be moved by the truck.

Hook Lift Skip Bins

These are perfect for commercial and industrial waste disposal as well as for large domestic waste disposal. This is so named because of the way the bin is loaded on and off the truck. They have lower sides and are longer in length than the Marrels.


If you own a building or reside in west Melbourne and you need advice on how to size your waste to determine what type of skip bin you need, then you should contact Concorde Skip Bin. At Concorde we combine experience with skills for customers’ maximum satisfaction.